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parent and child

Parent and Child Therapy


Free 15-minute call to see if I am the right person for you.

£60 for 1hr for initial consultation with parent/carer.

*Optional 6-week £60 p/hr review or free 15-minute review with young person and parent/carer.

£75 p/hr - Parent/child therapy sessions.


Minimum of 6 sessions for effective counselling treatment.

I am currently training in parent and child therapy at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE) and will be qualified to facilitate these sessions from June 2021.


Parent-child relationships can easily become troubled when difficult issues and feelings are not being talked about. I seek to improve and reinforce relationships between the parent and child. I can support you to explore challenges or obstacles that you may be experiencing in the relationship or build up the relationship that is already there. Ruptures naturally occur in relationships. It is how these ruptures are repaired that determines the future strength of the parent-child bond. Creative therapeutic interventions can enable parents and children to connect and are often highly effective in healing and resolving painful issues.


To begin with it is useful to work with the parent/carer alone to help focus on the needs and outcomes of therapy sessions, before introducing the child or young person. Issues that you might wish to explore are:


· Divorce or separation

· Grief and loss

· Coping with life changing events e.g. changes in the family, school, friendships, etc.

· Moving home or schools

· Friendships

· Obstacles experienced by the child/young person

· Obstacles experienced by the parent/carer

· Ruptures in the parent-child relationship


Parent/child therapy can help you have as good a relationship as possible. It can increase the respect you have for one another and your enjoyment of your relationship. It can also help parents and their children to:


· Talk about things that matter to you both with one another

· Manage painful life changing happenings that may occur

· Improve the quality of parent/child interactions

· Help parents become more attuned and empathic towards their child/young person’s experiences

· Help parents feel more confident and fulfilled in their parental role.


"I just want to thank you for how much you have helped me for the past couple of years now. I will never forget how much you helped me during what was happening at home. My Mum and I will forever be grateful for all the support you gave us. I don’t think either of us would have been able to come out the other side the way we did without your help.  Anyone who comes to you will be very lucky!"


Written by a 17-year-old young person.

Holding Hands

Parent only sessions

This is a parental consultation to explore what is happening between you and your child/young person. I can help you to consider different approaches and strategies to improve your relationship, help you consider different ways of understanding and relating to your child, and of coping with your child’s needs.


Don’t forget that you are the expert – this is your child. I might simply be able to help shine a light on something you may not have considered and provide a little guidance.


Free 15-minute call to see if I am the right person for you.

£60 p/hr for parent only consultations.

"Without Amy’s help, input and support, I do not think he would be where he is today." 


Written by a grandparent of a primary school boy.