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Creative Arts Therapist for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.

A space for young people to use the arts to express their feelings so that they can develop better resilience, self-awareness, confidence and happiness.


My name is Amy Hill and I am a Creative Arts Therapist who specialises in counselling and psychotherapy for children and young people. I am experienced in working with children, young people, and parents and carers in school settings, charities and online. I offer one-to-one counselling to children from three years old through to adolescence and young adulthood. I also offer services and consultations to parents and carers, to support them to improve and reinforce their relationship with their children.

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Counselling sessions provide a non-judgmental space where an individual can share their thoughts and feelings with a professional who offers an objective perspective. My specialism in arts therapy means that I can help people express themselves beyond the spoken word. Sometimes, words are not enough to fully express the deeper emotions lying beneath the surface. During the sessions, I may use a number of art forms for therapeutic conversation such as:


· Sandplay

· Paints & pencils

· Puppetry

· Storytelling

· Poetry

· Music

· Movement


The arts can help you rehearse the impossible, to play out something you may not feel you can do in reality and to explore this using conversations and role-play.

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